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super spicy GINGER snacks


What are these? We start with fresh organic ginger: we slice it, lightly candy it, then dehydrate it until crunchy! These are kind of like ginger jerky, or like a not-that-sweet candied ginger, or like crunchy ginger chips. 

These ginger snacks are super duper spicy and pretty unusual! If you love ginger I think you'll love these.

"these are the MOST delicious and so addictive!!!!!"
- Gillian Shaw / Black Jet Baking Co.

"what you get here is full-on ginger, sliced, dehydrated, and very lightly doctored with sugar and apple cider vinegar. ... This is ginger that travels straight up your nose with the ruthless accuracy of a heat-seeking missile. It burns everything in its path: your mouth, your throat, your sinuses, your brain. It’s glorious.

That said, the snacks aren’t all spice — there’s a little sweetness, too, along with the faint tang of vinegar. While people who aren’t ginger fans will be easily overpowered, those of us who are will say the balance here is just right, no notes. There’s also the appeal of the crisp-chewy texture, which both invites compulsive snacking and fights back just enough to be satisfying. And while the snacks are in no way marketed as having any medicinal purpose, I find them to be ideal for eating after a big meal or for bringing peace to an irritable stomach.

What I’m saying here is that they are perfect."
- Rebecca Flint Marx / eater.com

INGREDIENTS: organic ginger, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic apple cider vinegar.

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