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the INNA shrub guide

We make so many flavorful shrubs from fresh fruit and herbs!
Want some help choosing shrub? Here's our shrub guide!

Our most popular shrubs (these are sure to please):

Our most unique shrubs (these are unusual - they make a great gift for curious food lovers):

Super California shrubs (these are like a postcard from the golden state):

Best shrubs for sodas (mixing with sparkling water):
Best shrubs for cocktails...

with gin:
QUINCE shrub (quince gimlet)
santa rosa PLUM shrub (plum gin fizz)
bay LAUREL shrub (gin & tonic variation)

with tequila:

with vodka:
but especially GINGER shrub (moscow mule)

with whiskey:
meyer LEMON shrub (whiskey sour)

with beer:
early girl TOMATO shrub (michelada)

with wine:

These shrubs are the least sweet (which also means they are the most tart):

These shrubs are on the sweeter side (but they're still not too sweet!):
These shrubs are kind of savory

This shrub is spicy (but not too spicy!):

These shrubs have some bitterness (but they're not too bitter!):
bearss LIME shrub