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the INNA jam guide

We make so many extraordinary jams from the incredible bounty of California's fruit! Want some help choosing jam? Here's our guide!

Our most popular jams (these are sure to please):
Super California jams (these are like a postcard from the golden state):
These jams are Limited Edition (we can only make a limited quantity of these jams, so they are only available directly from our website):
These jams are the least sweet (which also means they are the most tart):
lorna APRICOT jam (our most tart jam!)
These jams are on the sweeter side (but they're still not too sweet!):
These jams are kind of savory (these pair well with meat and cheese)
*all these jams contain vinegar
pretty spicy FRESNO CHILI jam

These jams are spicy (but not too spicy!):

These jams have some bitterness (but they're not too bitter!):
FOUR CITRUS marmalade (more bitter)
meyer LEMON marmalade (less bitter)