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herbal tea


Our very own herbal tea blend featuring organic chamomile flowers and organic sage leaves! We've been drinking this tea blend for years, our friends call it our "house blend." It's complex and flavorful - the savoriness of the sage balances out the fruity-floral flavors of the chamomile. I love drinking this herbal tea in the evenings, especially after dinner. It's also super refreshing as an iced tea, so flavorful and complex - no sugar needed!

We blend this tea using the freshest organic herbs. If you've never had freshly harvested chamomile, this bright and robust flavor is a revelation!

In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment, our herbal tea is packaged in jars that we originally printed for jam but that we are unable to use (often because we can no longer source that fruit). The printing on the jar is covered up by a beautiful kraft label featuring wild flowers of the pacific coast. 

"For years, visits to my friends Dafna and Jesse’s house have concluded with cups of their house blend tea. Sometimes they send us home with a little jar of it — a precious commodity, quickly depleted. Now, that tea is available to everyone. It’s decep­tively simple, made from chamomile flowers and sage leaves, all fresh and organic. I’m telling you, though: this is the one. This is the tea."
- Robin Sloan

INGREDIENTS: organic chamomile flowers, organic sage leaves
SIZE: 1 oz (29 grams)

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