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SALTY LEMON! salt-preserved meyer lemons, chopped up and ready to use


update on the availability of our SALTY LEMON:

This winter we're pausing production of the chopped up SALTY LEMON and just offering the bigger pieces salt-preserved meyer lemon (to give our kitchen a chance to catch up, we have so much to do!) 

The SALTY LEMON is the same as the salt-preserved meyer lemon pieces - just chopped up. You can replicate it by buying a jar of salt-preserved meyer lemon, putting the entire contents of the jar into a food processor (if you want it chopped up into smaller pieces) or into the blender (if you want it blended up into a paste), and then after it's processed, put it back into the jar and into the fridge (it'll keep indefinitely in the fridge!). It would probably work a bit better in the food processor / blender if there's more than one jar (and it would save you the hassle of having to clean up more than once), so I would suggest doing a few jars at a time, if you have space in the fridge to store them (or friends to give it to!). Of course, you can also just chop it with a knife :)



We've been making salt-preserved meyer lemons for years - they are a tried and true ingredient that is pretty much a secret weapon for making any savory dish more delicious. 


I realized that every single recipe that I use for it has the first step as: take out a piece of salt-preserved meyer lemon, and chop it up. So, I thought, wouldn't it be easier and simpler and make a whole lot more sense if the lemons were already chopped up and ready to use?

Yes. Yes it would. 

So here we have it folks! This is exactly the same thing as a jar of our salt-preserved meyer lemons, except we've gone ahead and chopped it up for you. I love it. I think you'll love it. So easy and quick and DELICIOUS-MAKING.

Use this salt-preserved meyer lemon condiment to make your food pop with flavor and brightness. It's a delicious addition to any savory dish and is great with vegetables (green beans, asparagus, kale), proteins (fish, chicken, lentils, bean soup), add it to a salad dressing, or make a lemon-herb sauce (the recipe is conveniently located right on the jar!).

INGREDIENTS: organic meyer lemons (grown in Capay, California), organic meyer lemon juice, sea salt (solar-evaporated in the San Francisco Bay)

SIZE: 9 fluid ounces (266 ml)

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