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I've gotten many requests for rhubarb jam over the years. I never was able to find a local grower, so I reached a bit further - all the way up to Washington! We got some gorgeous fresh and lusciously red rhubarb from a 13 acre organic farm up in Skagit Valley and made it into pure rhubarb jam!

This jam isn't punch-you-in-the-face sour - I would consider it more on the tart end of the spectrum, with notes of plum and mulled wine and that very specific rhubarb flavor with a lingering tartness. Texture-wise, we chopped up the rhubarb nice and small, so it's smooth and spreadable (and not fibrous). 

The Pacific Northwest is ideal for growing rhubarb because rhubarb likes cold winters - colder than we get here in Northern California. A proper dormancy period for rhubarb is at least three weeks at 28-40 degrees (brrrrr!).


INGREDIENTS: organic rhubarb (grown in Washington), organic unrefined cane sugar, fruit pectin

SIZE: net weight 10 oz (284 grams)

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