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no sugar added MEYER LEMON shrub

no sugar added MEYER LEMON shrub



We've received many requests for a no-sugar-added shrub recently, so we made one! Tadaa!

This is essentially an infused vinegar: we infuse entire organic meyer lemons (the juice, zest, and pith) in organic apple cider vinegar. It's simply our meyer lemon shrub, with the sugar cut out!

Yes, it's lemon AND vinegar, so as you can imagine, it's sour! It's also a bit bitter, from the meyer lemon pith. This is not like any of our other shrubs, which contain sugar to balance out the tartness. Of course, you could always sweeten it to your taste (with honey, maple syrup, agave, sugar, juice, or anything else). 

You can use this for drinks: sodas and cocktails (of course it will be tart/sour since there's no sugar in it). Or use it in the kitchen: in salad dressing (just add oil), to brighten up a dish (add it to a braise or a sauté - anything cooked long and with fat will benefit from a bit of meyer lemon brightness).

To make a shrub soda, mix 1 part shrub to 5-6 parts sparkling water. 


INNA shrubs can be stored at room temperature, and ideally away from direct sunlight. Shake before using - separation is natural! 

INGREDIENTS: organic apple cider vinegar, organic meyer lemons (grown in Corralitos, California)

SIZE: 12.7 fluid ounces (375 ml)

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