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moro blood ORANGE


Our brand new batch of moro blood ORANGE jam is ready! It’s not too sweet, and is so well balanced - fragrant orange with a little bitter kiss. It goes: Orange! Sweet! Tart! Orange peel! Bitter! Swoon. The lingering orange flavors on the palate are dreamy.

If you had our moro blood ORANGE jam before you should know that this batch is totally different than last year's. What did we change? almost everything! We sourced our moro blood oranges from a new farm (in Reedley, California), we cut up the peel into smaller pieces, we cooked the jam a little less to retain more fresh fruit flavor and more stunning blood orange color and to achieve a softer consistency. So, in a way, this is a brand new jam. Or at least, a sibling to last year's batch (I'd say last year's batch was more of a marmalade, while this year's batch is more of a jam).

Have you tried toast with moro blood orange jam and California olive oil? It’s like breakfast olive oil cake. Whoa.

Moro blood oranges are believed to be of Sicilian origin. They feature a luscious red-burgundy flesh - which is stunningly vivid in both color and flavor. It’s pretty rare for us to have red colors in the kitchen in the winter, so as you can imagine we are pretty excited about these gorgeous oranges.  


INGREDIENTS: organic moro blood oranges (grown in Reedley, California), organic unrefined cane sugar, water, organic meyer lemon juice

SIZE: net weight 10 oz (284 grams)

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