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INNA jam subscription (includes shipping)

INNA jam subscription (includes shipping)


It's our Jam of the (Every Other) Month Club!

Our jam subscription contains 2 jars of INNA jam, shipped every 2 months. (shipping is included in the price of the subscription)

 now shipping our SUMMER collection: 
 seascape STRAWBERRY jam  
 moro blood ORANGE marmalade  

Future collections (subject to change):

LATE SUMMER collection: 
blenheim APRICOT jam
obsidian BLACKBERRY jam 
(ships August-September)

AUTUMN collection:
spring lady PEACH jam
black mission FIG jam 
(ships October-November) 

WINTER collection: 
maravilla RASPBERRY jam

golden sweet APRICOT jam
(ships December-January)

LATE WINTER collection: 
meyer LEMON marmalade

albion STRAWBERRY jam
(ships February-March)

SPRING collection: 
santa rosa PLUM jam

triple crown BLACKBERRY jam 
(ships April-May)

Can I add a gift message? 
Yes! You can add a gift message when you get to the cart page, and we'll include it in the first shipment.

When will we send the first shipment?
we'll ship the SUMMER collection right away. 

When will we send the next shipment?
we'll ship the LATE SUMMER collection on August 1. 

How will this ship?
Via US Post Office. Please be sure to provide us a shipping address that is serviced by the Post Office (rural addresses might require a PO Box - if you're buying this as a gift for someone, I recommend asking them if the Post Office delivers directly to their house, or only to a PO Box).

How does payment work?
When you place your order, your credit card will be charged $39.95 for the first shipment (the first shipment will ship out right away). Moving forward, your credit card will automatically be charged $39.95 before we ship out each collection.

For example: If you sign up now, your first $39.95 credit card charge will be now, then the next automatic $39.95 credit card charge will be on August 1st.

SHIPPING COST: shipping via Post Office is included in the price of this item. This item can be shipped to Alaska and Hawaii.


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