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golden sweet APRICOT jam



Barely sweet (don't let that "golden sweet" name fool you!), super chunky, and loaded with bright apricot flavor. 

The golden sweet apricot's lineage is a bit of a mystery. It was first grown in 1985 by father and son (Norman Bradford and Glen Bradford, respectively) at Bradford Farms in Le Grande, where Norman had been breeding fruit and nuts since the 1940s. While they typically utilized traditional breeding techniques (introducing the pollen of fruit A to the blossom of fruit B), they also had an experimental open-pollinated program, where selected trees were open pollinated by unknown pollen sources (essentially: whatever the bees happened to bring along). Plant breeding is science, art, and luck, and I guess this open-pollinated program really tipped the scale in favor of luck! Well, they got lucky. They chose the parent tree (which made the flowers), but chance chose the pollen, and the golden sweet apricot was born.

INGREDIENTS: organic golden sweet apricots (grown in Patterson, California), organic unrefined cane sugar, fruit pectin

SIZE: net weight 10 oz (284 grams)

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