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early girl TOMATO shrub


This is a new reformulation of our tomato shrub, featuring dry farmed early girl tomatoes grown organically in Watsonville. We added a bit of salt to this shrub to highlight the savoriness of tomatoes. It's bright and delicious, and super refreshing.

Try it as a tomato soda with sparkling water and a wedge of lime, or make it into a michelada (add lime juice, Worcestershire sauce or fish sauce, hot sauce, salt, and beer). 

To make a shrub soda, mix 1 part shrub to 5-6 parts sparkling water

Shrub (also known as drinking vinegar) has a long tradition as a refreshing beverage going all the way back to the Colonial Era, but it actually originated a thousand years ago in the Middle East! Like our jams, shrubs are an excellent way to preserve the harvest of our gorgeous fruit when it is at it's most perfectly ripe. The vinegar and sugar both help to preserve and capture the fleeting fruit flavors while balancing each other out to make a sweet-tart syrup that a perfect base for a drink. Shrub is essentially a fruit-vinegar-sugar syrup. Mixed with sparkling water it's the most refreshing drink we've ever had. Of course, it's also great in cocktails.

INNA shrubs can be stored at room temperature, and ideally away from direct sunlight. Shake before using - separation is natural!

INGREDIENTS: organic dry farmed early girl tomatoes (grown in Watsonville, California), unrefined cane sugar, organic white wine vinegar, sea salt 

SIZE: 12.7 fluid ounces (375 ml)

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