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~ INNA time machine ~

INNA was established on May 1st, 2010.
Holy cannoli how time has flown by!  

Many of you have been with us since the very beginning - thank you so much for being part of this wild jammy ride. 

I thought it would be fun to take a look back through the ~ INNA time machine ~ !


~ INNA time machine ~ 2009
Picking figs from a neighbor’s tree (with their permission and ladder). INNA started as a hyper local foraged fruit jam project!


~ INNA time machine ~ 2009
The 5th Street plums were my favorite of all the neighborhood fruit.


~ INNA time machine ~ 2009
I transported everything in my bike trailer.


~ INNA time machine ~ 2009
Check out those super early jam jars!


~ INNA time machine ~ 2009
It was a fun project, and since I’m not very good with moderation, I got a lot of jars and I filled them up. 


~ INNA time machine ~ 2009
And folks were into it! I thought, hey, this could be more than just a totally zany hobby. It could be a real thing!


~ INNA time machine ~ 2010
So I went for it! I rented space in a tiny shared commercial kitchen with a SINGLE burner and worked nights. I got a tricycle for making deliveries (yes I delivered to San Francisco and took that beast of a trike on BART - it just barely fit in the elevator). I sourced fruit from organic farmers and kept everything single varietal, and made as much jam as I could.


~ INNA time machine ~ 2011
The jams we made in the summer of 2010 were super popular! And sold out way too fast. We needed to make way more jam, so we moved to a bigger shared kitchen (still working nights).


~ INNA time machine ~ 2011
We bought a lot of organic fruit,
we cooked a lot of jam,
we filled a lot of jars,
we got a lot of help,
We quadrupled production.
It was the hardest year of my life.


~ INNA time machine ~
to be continued...