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UMEBOSHI (salty plum)

UMEBOSHI (salty plum)


For those not familiar with umeboshi, it's essentially a salt-preserved sour plum. Like our salt-preserved meyer lemons, umeboshi is SUPER flavorful and assertively salty - a little goes a long way! It's flavored and colored with red shiso leaves, and has a deeply floral and a unique intoxicating flavor.

I love eating it as part of a meal that includes rice - I put one umeboshi on my plate, and take little bites of it throughout the meal. I also love umeboshi with a fresh cucumber salad, and with avocado (if I'm feeling ambitious I'll make an avocado-umeboshi sushi roll, but it's also good with avocado and crackers).

Made in Oakland from locally grown ume plums by Ayako Lino of Yumé Boshi. She says: 
"We achieve our soft texture, bright tartness, and beautiful red color from authentic traditional methods. A Japanese meal staple, long regarded as a folk remedy for hangover and morning sickness."

INGREDIENTS: ume plums, sea salt, red shiso leaves

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