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We source firm-ripe organic black mission figs at the peak of the season and cure them in a tart-sweet brine made of organic apple cider vinegar and organic unrefined cane sugar. What results is tart-sweet pickled figs with a toothsome texture and a complex and fresh-tasting fig flavor. 

The stunning jars are carefully hand-packed to display the beautiful figs (they look like crystal geodes!), and everything in the jar is useable - both the fruit as well as the brine.

They're tart! Which makes them a lovely complement to rich foods like roasted meats (chicken! lamb! beef! pork! ok, all the meats). They contain no salt! Which makes them a great match for charcuterie and saltier cheeses. They taste like fresh figs! Which makes them a wonderful ingredient in a fresh salad (arugula and goat cheese is a favorite).

INGREDIENTS: organic black mission figs, organic apple cider vinegar, organic unrefined cane sugar
SIZE: 9 fluid ounces (266 ml)

SHIPPING COST: any size order ships in the continental United States for a flat rate of $12. For orders to Hawaii or Alaska please email 

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