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hayward KIWI jam


Our hayward KIWI jam tastes pineapple-y, tropical, citrusy, green-apple-y. It's tart and sweet and crunchy and good! It’s especially beautiful, with its black seeds suspended in the bright green jam.


Did you know that the kiwi was originally called the Chinese gooseberry? Native to Southern China, cultivation spread to New Zealand early in the 20th century. By mid-century it was grown commercially for export and renamed by enterprising New Zealanders as “kiwifruit.” This species is called Actinidia deliciosa, which roughly translates to “hardy and delicious.” I couldn’t agree more. 

"The perfect companion to almost any cheese"
- Allium Market & Cafe, Brookline, Massachusetts 

INGREDIENTS: organic hayward kiwis (grown in Gridley, California), organic unrefined cane sugar, fruit pectin

SIZE: net weight 10 oz (284 grams)

SHIPPING COST: $9.95 flat rate shipping fee for any size order.

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