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japanese burgundy PLUM jam


Wondering why our japanese burgundy plum jam won't be back until 2017? Due to an ill-timed rainstorm, the flowers of this plum tree were damaged, so there wasn't a harvest this year. To be notified of when it will be back in stock simply add your email address above and click the "Notify Me" button. If you're looking for a jam to tide you over until tayberries are back, we recommend dapple dandy PLUOT as the closest substitution.

Made fittingly from a heart-shaped plum, you will fall in love with this tart and luscious jam. This bright jam has a spicy richness, reminiscent of cherries. These plums radiate a brilliant burgundy just as their name would suggest.

This jam is truly heavenly atop frozen yogurt, and unique when paired with an earthy goat cheese like Chevre.

Japanese plums were first brought to California in the late 1800s and were introduced to the general public by Berkeley horticulturalist John Kelsey in 1870. They are especially well-suited to California's mild and dry winters. In 1883 The Pacific Rural Press wrote about this new "Japan Plum": "it is of superb quality, melting, rich and juicy; in fact, to some tastes, at least, has a more satisfying flavor than any other plum. For cooking, jelly, or preserving in any manner it has no equal."


Due to limited availability of fruit, we were only able to produce a small amount of this jam, hence the "LIMITED EDITION" label. Please note that LIMITED EDITION jams are only available from our website (and our Emeryville kitchen shop).


INGREDIENTS: organic japanese burgundy plums (grown in Lodi, California), organic unrefined cane sugar, fruit pectin
SIZE: net weight 10 oz (284 grams)

SHIPPING COST: any size order ships in the continental United States for a flat rate of $12. For orders to Hawaii or Alaska please email

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