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YUKARI (shiso herb seasoning)

YUKARI (shiso herb seasoning)


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Made in Oakland by Ayako Lino of Yumé Boshi. She says: 
"At the height of the summer, we pick red shiso leaves and pickle them together with umeboshi. After they sit together for months in the pickle buckets and the aging process is complete, we take out the shiso leaves, sun-dry, and chop them into yukari – the deep red, brightly tangy sprinkles.

The complex flavor of this condiment is traditionally enjoyed on steamed rice or in rice balls. Lately, we've been discovering other fun ways, like sprinkling on boiled eggs, fig and green salads, and tomato or melon wedges. "

I love using this tart, lightly salty, very flavorful seasoning with fresh salads and roasted vegetables (adding yukari after they are roasted). The tartness of it kind of reminds me of sumac (although it's more fruity and floral than sumac).

INGREDIENTS: red shiso leaves, ume plum juice, sea salt
SIZE: 1 oz (28 g) - packaged in a resealable compostable bag

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