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update on our chili salts: I've come to realize that our proximity to the ocean (we are only 3 blocks away from the San Francisco Bay), means our ambient humidity is too high for dehydrating work, which is how we make our chili salts. So, we've stopped making chili salts (we're sold out of our cayenne salt).

If you're looking for something similar to our cayenne salt, I suggest this piment d'ville sea salt as a replacement. It's made by our friends at the Boonville Barn Collective who grow fantastic chilies and happen to have an ideal climate for dehydrating.

Use this blend of piment d'ville chile and sea salt the way you would use salt! It's salt plus flavor... one-upped salt!

This 2019 harvest locally-grown (and dried, and ground) chile powder has some heat (but not too much!) has some sweetness, and has a bazillion uses in your kitchen. It's been my go-to chile powder for many years (on eggs! on beans! on chicken! on greek yogurt! in braised greens!). 

What kind of chile is this? It's grown from seeds of the piment d'espelette, which is from the Basque region of France. 

Grown by the Boonville Barn Collective in Boonville, California using organic growing practices (the farm is Renegade certified).

Check out all these awesome recipes! And more about piment d'ville and how to use it!

INGREDIENTS: sea salt, renegade certified piment d'ville pepper (grown in Boonville, California)
SIZE: 4 oz (113 g) [the jar says 2.5 oz, but it's actually 4 oz]

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