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current crop BEANS


Are you super duper into beans like I am? I don't know how it happened or when it happened, but it kind of snuck up on me, and I just became obsessed with beans.
Beans! They are delicious, and they are healthy, and they are a vegetarian source of protein that is friendly to the environment, and I feel good after I eat them, and I feel good when I eat them, because: they are delicious!
Wait, wait, don't roll your eyes at me yet. This boundless enthusiasm for beans is about to get worse because: these are the beans I've been searching for.
Beans are good, but beans that are ORGANIC, LOCALLY GROWN and are super FRESH (from the most recent harvest, which would be autumn 2018) are the best!
They cook up faster, they cook up creamier, they are organic (so all the good things involved with that), we get them directly from the farm that grows them and then tediously hand-sort and hand-polish them in the INNA kitchen to bring you...
current crop BEANS! What beans are they? To be honest, it's a bit of a mystery. The farmer thinks they're cannellini beans. I think they're butter beans. We do agree on this: they taste incredible. 
Want some guidance / inspiration for cooking beans?

Check out my very basic guide for cooking dry beans here

What to cook with beans?

• Pasta e Fagioli (a variation of this dish is in frequent rotation at my house, and where most of the beans we cook end up)
• Mashed Beans with Salt-Preserved Lemon and Olive Oil (there's no recipe to link to: you just put some cooked beans on a plate, mash them with a fork, add some preserved lemon and olive oil, and it's done! I like to eat this on toast. It's great with sautéed greens on top. Also hot sauce! And fried garlic! But what isn't good with fried garlic...)
White Bean Dip

INGREDIENTS: organic beans grown in San Juan Bautista, California. harvested: autumn 2018
SIZE: 1 pound (454 g)

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