royal blenheim APRICOT shrub


2014 Good Food Award Finalist!


A punch of summer! Bright, fruity, totally apricot, totally awesome. 

To make a shrub soda, mix 1 part shrub to 5-6 parts sparkling water (or to taste). For shrub cocktail recipes, go here

Before opening, INNA shrubs can be stored at room temperature, and ideally away from sunlight. After opening, our shrubs should be refrigerated and enjoyed within 6 months. Shake before using - separation is natural!

If you aren’t already plotting what summer cocktails to mix this into — you should be ... we assure you it’s a must-try."

- Angela Tafoya | Refinery29




INGREDIENTS: organic royal blenheim apricots (grown in Portola Valley, California), organic apple cider vinegar (from Sebastopol, California), organic unrefined cane sugar
SIZE: 12.7 fluid ounces (375 ml)

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