3 seasonal collections of 4 jars each (a total of 12 jars of jam over the course of the year).
Each seasonal collection (SPRING, SUMMER, and FALL) comes in a gift box with information about the jams enclosed.

If I sign up right now, when will I get jam? 
The first collection you'll receive will be the SUMMER collection, shipping out now.

Which specific jams will I be getting?  
It's hard to predict which specific jam varietals will be our "best of the season" (the weather has a lot to do with it, and we're always finding new fruit varietals grown by local organic farmers). The seasonal collections will most likely look something like this: 

    SPRING collection (June - August)  
        • spring lady PEACH *limited edition*
        • obsidian BLACKBERRY *limited edition*
        • seascape STRAWBERRY *classic collection*
        • meyer LEMON *classic collection*

    SUMMER collection (September - November)
        • japanese burgundy PLUM *limited edition*
        • black mission FIG *classic collection*
        • TAYBERRY *limited edition*
        • blenheim APRICOT *classic collection*


    FALL collection (December - April)
        • not too spicy HUNGARIAN PEPPER *limited edition*
        • black MULBERRY *limited edition*
        • flavor king PLUOT *classic collection*
        • polka RASPBERRY *classic collection*


How much does shipping cost?

Standard shipping in the United States, sent by USPS priority mail: 
$12 postage fee per shipment x 3 shipments = $36 total

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