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[4 mini shrubs] gift


This gift set includes four 100ml bottles of shrub packaged in an elegant printed box. Includes a double-sided recipe card for shrub cocktails and shrub sodas.

Perfect for making refreshing fruit sodas, flavorful cocktails, or salad dressings. This set is a great way to try a variety of our flavors, or to introduce someone to shrubs! To make our shrub into a fruit soda, mix 1 part shrub to 5-6 parts sparkling water (or to taste). For shrub cocktail recipes, go here. 

"The best Thank You gift I've ever sent to someone! The response I got back: "I can't stop drinking them! SO. DELICIOUS! "
- Julie Morelli / Nourishing Notes

INNA shrubs can be stored at room temperature. Shake before using - separation is natural! 

SHIPPING COST: any size order ships in the United States for a flat rate of $12 (excluding subscriptions)

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